NEW! Slider 15

link:Slider15 screenshot of slider game. The original puzzles where small physical boxes in which the player would slide the tiles into an empty space and try to get the numbers 1 to 15 in order within the box as fast as possible.


link:Sudoku screenshot of sudoku game grid. My sister in law loves clouds, and sudoku, so it has clouds that gently move as you play

Angular Firebase game:

Snake: Desktop only for now

link: S N A K E screenshot of the snake game. I used tardis blue and a space theme for this tiny traveling green square.

(Github pages) Offsite games:

link:MineSweeper Screenshot of the minesweeper game I made. It has a classic and easy mode. link:Snake screenshot of the snake game. A tiny tribute to the British television show, Doctor Who. link:Critical Space Strike screenshot of the CSS game. The goal is to shoot the antibodies up toward the viruses and destroy them all.