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Experiments and learning Python, Django, Javascript, CSS.

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Chingu Voyage 15 team project A screen shot of the Chingu Voyage 15 team project, Code Track.
Python and Statistics on GitHub A screen shot of the current 'stats class' basic probabilities page.  The probability of getting the Ace of spades, a different ace, and any other card is displayed.
Learn, Quiz && have fun! A combination of three screenshots showing three different quiz sections to the Voyage 10 project Code Quiz.
Chingu V10 Prework Match game screenshot of the memory match game solo build for the Chingu Voyage 10 prework
Chingu V15 Prework Favorite Fonts Screenshot image of the a mock site featuring the Google Fonts API.  Search, create text, play with it, find your favorite.
Python NLTK Chatbot Screenshot image of the whispering wall, a chatbot built with NLTK and python, running in this website with Django.
My coding blog image of one of my blog posts about python, pandas and a little porbability.
My art on Pinterest
A marker and ink drawing of my dad studying. A part of my 2019 faces collection of ink drawings. A digital drawing of a samoyed floof dog licking the face of a crawling zombie. An undressed woman, abstract shape, oil paint on canvas
My linkedIn Profile Picture of me last spring, out in the sunshine after a long cold icy winter.

Currently seeking employment. Contact me: